Lobster soup. Menorcan cuisine

Lobster soup ©Oriol Aleu

Menorcan cuisine

Traditional recipes from Menorcan cuisine, a Mediterranean diet with fresh ingredients and quality to enjoy a natural, seasonal cuisine.

Traditional Menorcan cuisine is characterized by its peasant roots and its Mediterranean essence. Furthermore, it has assimilated very successfully the legacy of all the different cultures that have left their mark on the island over the centuries – Moorish, French and English – along with the products that arrived from the Americas such as the potato, the tomato and the pepper. Menorcan cuisine thrives on local products, derived from both land and sea: fruit and vegetables from its market gardens; capers, wild asparagus and snails gleaned wild from its woods and fields; locally hunted partridge, wood pigeon and woodcock; and skate, lobster and rockfish caught in the Mediterranean. These fresh, high-quality ingredients guarantee that the island’s culinary delights are always natural and season-based. And to round it all off, the island also offers a splendid variety of typical local pastries (pastissets, amargos, crespells) and dairy products (cheese cakes, flaons, rubiols) that adorn the tables of any Menorcan festivity!

The best recipes of typical Menorcan cuisine