Lobster soup. Menorcan cuisine

Lobster soup ©Oriol Aleu

Menorcan cuisine

Traditional recipes from Menorcan cuisine, a Mediterranean diet with fresh ingredients and quality to enjoy a natural, seasonal cuisine.

Traditional Menorcan cuisine is characterized by its peasant roots and its Mediterranean essence. Furthermore, it has assimilated very successfully the legacy of all the different cultures that have left their mark on the island over the centuries – Moorish, French and English – along with the products that arrived from the Americas such as the potato, the tomato and the pepper. Menorcan cuisine thrives on local products, derived from both land and sea: fruit and vegetables from its market gardens; capers, wild asparagus and snails gleaned wild from its woods and fields; locally hunted partridge, wood pigeon and woodcock; and skate, lobster and rockfish caught in the Mediterranean. These fresh, high-quality ingredients guarantee that the island’s culinary delights are always natural and season-based. And to round it all off, the island also offers a splendid variety of typical local pastries (pastissets, amargos, crespells) and dairy products (cheese cakes, flaons, rubiols) that adorn the tables of any Menorcan festivity!

The best recipes of typical Menorcan cuisine

Lobster soup
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In Minorca you can find two types of lobster, the rock one, smaller and bright red, very tasty because of the food rich in essential elements they con...
Ray in the oven with potatoes
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Ray is very much appreciated on the island. We normally eat the fins, but the liver is also delicious. When you buy it, ask the fishmonger to cut and ...
Country rice
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Although the name of the recipe mentions rice, the main ingredient of the dish is the cracked wheat in a stone mortar. An Arab heritage, typical of Me...
Aubergine in the oven
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Some people prefer cutting the aubergines in halves, boiling them quickly, emptying them and filling them with the mixture of meat and chopped aubergi...
Snails with spider crabs
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This recipe was made with “crancs peluts”, which nowadays is a protected species of crab. Some people prepare it with “cranca”, spider crab, crushing ...
Cuttlefish with green peas
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The cuttlefish liver is the brown bag you find inside the cuttlefish and even though it is not always used, it is the liver which really gives the fla...
Figs in the oven
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Minorca is known for her numerous fig trees and the abundance of local varieties (“figaflor”, “coll de dama”, “bordissot”, …). The first one to ripen,...
Partridges with green cabbage
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One option is to prepare all the vegetables peeled and sliced​​, and the dish will be more complete. You can finish cooking in the oven, spread as usu...
Lamb pieces with sauce
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The pearl onions are the ones called French onions in Spain. To prevent their layers from falling apart, you must peel them carefully and leave the pe...
Octopus with onion
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We recommend freezing the octopus and the cuttlefish so they are more tender and do not need to be beaten. Some recommend cooking it first in water wi...
Sweet potatoes in the oven
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El moniato, o monyaco, és un producte molt consumit a l’illa, i es prepara tant en salat com en múltiples plats dolços, com ara bunyols i púdings. Tam...
Chicken in almond sauce
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We recommend cutting the chicken in 8 pieces. If you prefer you can buy whole almonds and crush them yourself in the mortar or use a blender with the ...
Pumpkin pastry
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It is very important to strain the cooked pumpkin completely before mixing it with the rest of the ingredients. The oven tray or mould must be shallow...
Leg of lamb in the oven
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You can serve this dish with fried potatoes and a fresh tomato salad. You can either fry the potatoes in deep oil or in a mixture of oil and lard; fry...
Rabbit in sauce
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“De re cibaria” says that the flour should be lightly toasted. To achieve this, toast it in a pan with no liquid, at medium heat and stirring all the ...