Megalithic Menorca

Naveta des Tudons © Jordi Bas

The pre-Talaiotic and Talaiotic cultures refer to the customs and skills of the pre-historic inhabitants of the Balearic Islands up to the Roman conquest (123 BC). Most of the archaeological remains that have been excavated –of which most are on Menorca – correspond to the so-called Talaiotic culture that can be dated from around 1,000 BC. The name ‘Talaiotic’ is derived from the word talaiots, which refers to the tronco-conical stone towers, probably used as houses, look-out points and for defence, built by these people. The architectural heritage left by the pre-Talaiotic and Talaiotic cultures is very diverse and includes the characteristic navetes, taules and burial chambers. Discover Menorca provides a guide to the most worthwhile Talaiotic sites, some of which are less well known. If you follow us on Facebook and Twitter you will receive news of the sites we add to the list.

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