Blaveta comuna africana. © Albert Miquel

Butterflies of Menorca

Butterflies are one of the most loved and admired of all groups of insects, as much for their attractive patterning as for the amazing transformations that take place during their life cycles. They are well known both as adults and as caterpillars, the latter above all because of the damage they can do to certain crops. Nevertheless, butterflies play a key role in ecosystem functioning, both as consumers and as the prey of a number of other creatures. In all, 25 butterfly species are known from Menorca. Most are common and easy to see over much of the island in spring, summer and the warmest days of autumn. Others, with more precise habitat requirements, only appear for a short period of time in certain habitats. Finally, there are also a number of other migrant species that turn up unexpectedly in the most surprising of places.

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